Alloy Aluminum Coil Extensive Application

Rust-resistant alloy aluminum roll corrosion resistance is good, suitable for spot welding, Alloy Aluminum Coil atomic hydrogen welding, gas welding, welding. The cutting process, Alloy Aluminum Coil the annealing state is very poor, semi-cold hardening state is still good.In addition, because of its good Of the corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, excellent process performance and welding performance. Before this site for everyone on the rust on the aluminum alloy of the knowledge, in order to allow you to more understanding of rust-proof aluminum alloy, Alloy Aluminum Coil which The use of the following small series on the main to tell you about the performance characteristics of rust-proof aluminum alloy roll, the information provided to everyone useful.

1, mechanical, the choice of high-quality aluminum, plastic and adhesive, the use of advanced composite process. Alloy Aluminum Coil Products with decorative panels required bending, Alloy Aluminum Coil bending strength, in the four seasons climate, wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors Change, Alloy Aluminum Coil will not cause bending, deformation, expansion and so on.

2, rust-proof alloy aluminum roll of the formation of the surface without compound high temperature indentation. Board no residual stress, no deformation after cutting.

3, weatherability, then coating, high temperature baking from the paint pattern, Alloy Aluminum Coil gloss to maintain a high degree of color stability, color change is minimal. Polyester paint warranty for 10 years, Alloy Aluminum Coil Fluorocarbon paint warranty for more than 20 years.

4, environmental protection, anti-salty acid rain corrosion, Alloy Aluminum Coil their own will not corrode live toxic bacteria, do not release any toxic gases, does not cause keel and fixed pieces of corrosion, Alloy Aluminum Coil flame retardant. According to the provisions of the country not less than B1 level.

5, rust-proof aluminum alloy decorative, painted grain, stone, Alloy Aluminum Coil a realistic physical texture, there is a natural natural beauty. Patterns and do, Alloy Aluminum Coil to the customer a wide range of personality options

Rust-proof alloy aluminum roll, Alloy Aluminum Coil in the field of modern architectural decoration has a wider range of applications, rust-proof aluminum alloy superior product performance is more and more friends to accept. Alloy Aluminum Coil In order to better use of rust-proof aluminum alloy, And we briefly introduce rust-proof aluminum alloy roll anti-oxidation measures.

The space should be kept in dry air to ensure that there is no water in the compressed air. The management of the rolling oil is enhanced and the water content is controlled below 0.04%. Alloy Aluminum Coil The package of the foil should be sealed and sealed at the same time. Desiccant.

Rust-proof aluminum alloy box of the wooden shaft, the humidity of the box board is not greater than 18%, the temperature of the packaging aluminum roll is not greater than 45 ℃ from the low temperature area into the high temperature, humidity areas, do not immediately open the sealed packaging The workshop, Alloy Aluminum Coil the warehouse roof leakage, snow should not place aluminum volumes.