Alloy Aluminum Coil Process Performance

Rust-proof alloy aluminum coil corrosion resistance is good, Alloy Aluminum Coil suitable for spot welding, atomic hydrogen welding, gas welding, Argon arc welding. Alloy Aluminum Coil Its cutting processing, annealing state is very poor, half cold hardening state is good. In addition, because of its good corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, excellent process performance and welding performance. Before this site for everyone to introduce a bit about the rust-proof alloy aluminum coil knowledge, in order to let you can learn more about the rust-proof alloy aluminum coil, Alloy Aluminum Coil and thus better use. The following little series is mainly about the performance characteristics of antirust alloy aluminum coil, The information you provide is useful to everyone.

1, mechanical, selection of high-quality aluminum, Alloy Aluminum Coil plastics and adhesives, the use of advanced composite technology. Products with decorative plates required bending, flexural strength, in the Four Seasons climate, wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors change, will not cause bending, deformation, expansion and so on.

2, rust-proof alloy aluminum roll of flatness, Alloy Aluminum Coil no composite surface of high temperature indentation. No residual stress on the plate surface, no deformation after shearing.

3, weather resistance, coating, high-temperature baking paint patterns, gloss retention, good color stability, color difference is minimal. Polyester paint warranty 10, Alloy Aluminum Coil fluorocarbon paint warranty more than 20 years.

4, environmental protection, salt and alkali-resistant acid rain corrosion, will not corrode live to produce germs, do not release any toxic gases, Alloy Aluminum Coil do not cause the keel and fixed pieces of rust, flame-retardant. According to state regulations, no less than B1 level.

5, rust-proof alloy aluminum coil decorative, painted wood, Alloy Aluminum Coil stone lines, lifelike physical texture, there is a fresh natural beauty. Design random and do, give customers a wide range of personality choices, can enrich the humanistic content of products, to give people more beautiful enjoyment.

As we all know, rust-proof alloy aluminum coil, Alloy Aluminum Coil widely used in buildings. Because of the easy oxidation of rust-proof alloy aluminum coils, need to strengthen the maintenance of rust-proof alloy aluminum coil. Therefore, only in the daily life to do a good job in the maintenance of rust-proof alloy aluminum coil, to ensure the efficient and safe use of rust-proof alloy aluminum coil. Alloy Aluminum Coil The following small series for everyone to introduce the anti-corrosion alloy aluminum coil maintenance methods.

1, rust-proof alloy aluminum coil in the transport process, must be covered with $XMLESC, Alloy Aluminum Coil to prevent rainwater, snow intrusion. Must ensure that the surface of the profile of the oxide film and paint film is not damaged, and the selection of qualified cement, sand.

2, the storage environment should be dry, bright, Alloy Aluminum Coil good ventilation, no corrosive climate. In the storage, in order to damp the bottom of the floor must be separated from the ground with a cushion, keep with the ground distance greater than 10CM.

3, it is strictly prohibited to store with the chemical material and moist material. Alloy Aluminum Coil Antirust Alloy aluminum coil in the process into doors, windows, regular use of clean cloth and neutral cleaning.