Alloy Aluminum Coil Substrate

The use of aluminum extrusion profiles for the box, Alloy Aluminum Coil the tiles, fan production of doors and windows called aluminum doors and windows, Alloy Aluminum Coil referred to as aluminum doors and windows. Including aluminum alloy for the rod (bear and transfer weight and load the bar) substrate and wood, plastic composite doors and windows, Alloy Aluminum Coil referred to as aluminum composite doors and windows, Alloy Aluminum Coil aluminum composite doors and windows.

Aluminum doors and windows have push and pull aluminum alloy doors, push and pull aluminum alloy window, flat open aluminum doors, flat open aluminum windows and aluminum alloy spring door five. A door and window is divided into basic doors and windows and combination doors and windows. Alloy Aluminum Coil The basic doors and windows by the box, fan, glass, hardware accessories, sealing materials and other components. The combination doors and windows are made up of two or more basic doors and windows in combination with other forms of windows or windows.

According to the opening method is divided into: fixed window, hanging window, hanging window, hanging window, vertical window, flat windows and doors, pulley flat window, Alloy Aluminum Coil pulley window, flat open under the windows and doors, sliding doors and windows, Alloy Aluminum Coil Folding door, to the spring door.

According to performance is divided into: ordinary doors and windows, Alloy Aluminum Coil sound insulation doors and windows, insulation doors and windows.

Each door and window according to the thickness of the window frame size is divided into a number of series, such as the thickness of the door frame size 90mm push-pull aluminum alloy door, known as the 90 series push and pull aluminum alloy door. These are the width of the profile, Alloy Aluminum Coil in millimeters. 50.60 is generally flat window, 73,80,85,90 to slide the majority of windows

Aluminum alloy sliding doors are 70 series and 90 series two, Alloy Aluminum Coil the basic height of the door has 2100,2400,2700, 3000mm, the basic width of the door has 1500,1800,2100,2700,3000,3300,3600mm. Push-pull aluminum window has 55 series, 60 series, 70 series, 90 series, Alloy Aluminum Coil 90 a I series. The basic window hole height of 900,1200,1400,1500,1800,2100mm; basic window hole width of 1200,1500, 1800,2100,2400,2700,3000mm.

Aluminum alloy surface anodized film color silver-white, bronze. According to the profile of the extrusion process, basically can be divided into oxidation, electrophoresis, Alloy Aluminum Coil electrostatic powder coating, fluorocarbon spraying these, that is different coating methods. At present the market consumption of 85% for the electrostatic powder coating profiles, that is, color aluminum.

Glass varieties can be used ordinary flat glass, float glass, laminated glass, Alloy Aluminum Coil tempered glass, insulating glass. The glass thickness is typically 5 mm or 6 mm.

Hardware: the advantages and disadvantages of hardware accessories to a large extent affected the price of the window, such as imports of hardware and domestic hardware quality difference is very large, the general use of imported hardware 20000 times without failure, better manufacturers in the key Parts of the use of imported products in the general parts of the use of domestic products; some small manufacturers of windows are used to produce domestic products, then the performance of the price at least half of the cheaper. Alloy Aluminum Coil A set of ordinary flat window steel doors and windows to 80 yuan / sets of hardware accessories, broken bridge aluminum is about 150 yuan. Flat open on the hanging more expensive, a set of imported hardware accessories cost as high as 300 to 500 yuan. (Domestic flat window hardware 150 yuan / sets, Alloy Aluminum Coil flat on the hanging window hardware 280 yuan / sets, Pingkai Men Hardware 580; import flat window hardware 240 yuan / sets, flat on the hanging window hardware 360 yuan / sets, Hardware 720 yuan / set. Sliding window hardware 80 yuan sets.)

Glass: single glass, double glass, Alloy Aluminum Coil insulating glass. At present broken aluminum doors and windows with hollow glass, insulating glass 5mm +9 A +5 mm double-sided steel, about 80 yuan / square meters

Sealing treatment: with a seal of the pressure must be in full with the glass, the pressure and the profile of the joints should be no obvious gap, joint gap should be less than or equal to 1 mm. Doors and windows of the sealing treatment of pressure seal, Alloy Aluminum Coil filling the bubble gum, playing glass glue, playing sealant, etc., Alloy Aluminum Coil the cost of these sealing treatment is about 20 yuan / square meter. Seal of the brand is EPDM, styrofoam brand is Sanglai Si, glass plastic brand is the United States Dow Corning, Alloy Aluminum Coil sealant brand is the United States Dow Corning, these are good brands.

In the installation of plastic doors and windows or broken aluminum doors and windows, you can install two layers of glass, you can also choose a single glass installation, you can also use double insulated glass, but some consumers do not know the difference between double glass and insulating glass.

1, the general single-layer glass sub-grid method with float, Alloy Aluminum Coil the thickness of 4 mm or 5 mm

2, double glass and the same as the single layer, the difference is in the middle of the two layers of glass with sponge strip separated, but still into the air, Alloy Aluminum Coil so the middle of the two glass will fog!