Alloy Aluminum Coil The Richest Varieties

China aluminum processing Alloy Aluminum Coil materials about 300 kinds of alloys, 1500 varieties, is the world's most abundant product varieties of one of the countries.

by use

1. Architectural aluminum profiles (divided into doors and windows and curtain walls two).

2. Radiator Aluminum profiles.

3. General Industrial Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Coil Profiles: Mainly used in industrial production, such as automation equipment, the skeleton of sealing cover and the company according to their own mechanical equipment requirements customized open mold, such as pipeline conveyor Alloy Aluminum Coil belt, hoist, dispensing machine, testing equipment, shelves and so on, the electronic machinery industry and dust-free room for the majority.

4, rail vehicle structure aluminum alloy profiles: Mainly used in rail vehicle body manufacturing.

5, framed aluminum profiles, made of aluminum alloy frame, framed a variety of exhibitions, decorative paintings.

By Alloy composition

Can be divided into 1024, 2011, 6063, 6061, 6082, 7075 and other alloy brands of aluminum profiles, of which 6 series is the most common. Different grades differ in the proportion of various metal components, in addition to the commonly used aluminum doors and windows such as the 60 series, Alloy Aluminum Coil 70 series, 80 series, 90 series, curtain wall series, such as architectural aluminum, industrial aluminum has no definite model distinction, most of the production plants are in accordance with the actual customer drawings processing.

6063 Alloy composition has a very wide range, in addition to the specific ingredients to consider mechanical properties, processing performance, but also consider Alloy Aluminum Coil the surface treatment performance, that is, how the profile surface treatment and what surface to get. For example, to produce abrasive materials, Mg/Si should be smaller for good, general choice in the Mg/Si=1-1.3 range, this is because there are more than the relatively surplus SI, in favor of the shape of the sand surface; if the production of Alloy Aluminum Coil bright materials, coloring materials and electrophoretic coating materials, Mg/Si in the 1.5-1.7 range is good, this is because there is less excess silicon, the profile of good corrosion resistance, easy to get the bright surface.

In addition, the extrusion temperature of aluminum profiles is generally selected at about 480 ℃, so the total magnesium alloy elements should be around 1%%, because at 500 ℃, Mg2Si in aluminum in the solid solubility of only 1.05%, too high alloying element content will lead to the Alloy Aluminum Coil hardening of the Mg2Si can not be dissolved into the substrate, there are more dissolved Mg2Si phase, the strength of these Mg2Si relative alloys do not have much effect, but will affect the profile surface treatment performance, the oxidation of profiles, Coloring (or painting) causes trouble.

① Iron, iron is the main impurity element Alloy Aluminum Coil in aluminum alloy, in the 6063 alloys, the national standard is not more than 0.35, if the production of a-grade industrial aluminum ingots, the general iron content can be controlled under 0.25, but if to reduce production costs, the use of waste recycling aluminum or substandard aluminum, iron is easy to exceed.

There are two forms of FE in aluminium, a β-phase (AL9FE2SI2) of a needle-shaped (or flaky) structure, a type of alpha phase (AL12FE3SI) for granular structure, different phase structures, and different effects on aluminium alloys. The beta phase of the structure is much more destructive than the granular structure α-phase, the β phase can make the surface roughness, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance of the aluminum profiles, the surface of the oxidized profile, the luster drops, coloring after the pure tone, so, The iron content must be controlled.