Coated Aluminum Coil Exquisite Surface

Color coated aluminum coil exquisite surface, excellent quality to become the user in many areas of choice, because the use of different, Coated Aluminum Coil in the application of the need for extra attention. So, Coated Aluminum Coil the color coated aluminum coil in the use of what attention?

First, if you want to put into use, to the normal temperature, Coated Aluminum Coil the temperature can not overheat can not be too cold, if as the roof, height must not be less than 10 degrees.

Second, before the device, the timely review, Coated Aluminum Coil to ensure that the roof material does not wear the appearance, to ensure that normal use, under normal circumstances to ensure the use of life.

Third, the fixed color coated aluminum coil bolts should be sealed with a strong waterproof material to avoid the rain into the rust.

The ambient temperature of color coated aluminum coil should be above 7 Shan, according to the color coated aluminum roll thickness adjustment of the processing of the gap, Coated Aluminum Coil and to remove the roller surface and the foreign body on the pallet; at the same time to see color coated aluminum double-sided coating, such as paint stripping, should identify the cause and adopt measures to continue processing.

To ensure that the color coated aluminum coil construction quality, it is necessary to strictly follow these conditions to carry out the device.

As a professional color coated aluminum coil manufacturer, Ming has more than 10 years of rich experience. In the factory, advanced production equipment, to ensure the reliable quality of products, at the same time, the Ming Thai aluminum industry equipped with a professional analysis laboratory, the introduction of foreign advanced testing equipment, color aluminum production chain layer, for product quality escort, Coated Aluminum Coil carefully build Henan Ming Tai this high-quality brand.

Ming Thai aluminum color coated aluminum coil quality embodied in the production of every detail. From cleaning, to pretreatment, to coating, drying, and so on, Coated Aluminum Coil every a links, is the use of high standards of strict requirements. For example, color coated aluminum roll on the requirements of color is very high, Ming in color aluminum dyeing treatment, can achieve color uniformity, high gloss, product surface without stripes and other phenomena; In the heat treatment, you can make the aluminum coil under 300mm diameter strength, Coated Aluminum Coil hardness to maintain stability. Ming Thai Aluminum products can guarantee a stronger weathering resistance, in the high-temperature working environment, aluminum coil is generally not easy to occur permanent deformation. At the same time, the product acid alkali, flame-retardant high.

Color coated aluminum Coil Unit volume weight is the lightest metal materials, but also the most popular one of the new type of material. At present, the Ming aluminum strip foil processing capacity of 650,000 tons/year. The future, the Ming Thai aluminum industry will, as always, provide quality products to promote the development of the industry.