Coated Aluminum Coil Good Leveling

Color coated aluminum tape is the surface of the coating through the coloring of aluminum and aluminum alloy strip, aluminum and aluminum alloy plate with deep processing products. Because it has a good flat, corrosion, decoration, mechanical properties, it is favored by the market, Coated Aluminum Coil is widely used in building decoration, food packaging, electronic appliances, printing, transportation and other fields. Color coated aluminum is divided into more high-end fluorocarbon color coated and low-end polyester color coating. China's Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong is the focus of color aluminum industry market. At present, the status quo of China's color coated aluminum is the excess production capacity of ordinary products, high-tech, high-precision, high-quality product production capacity, which also caused a large number of imported situation.

From the application point of view, color coated aluminum in the building decoration, food packaging, electronic appliances, printing, transportation development is better.

First of all, we look at the food packaging with color coated aluminum. In the food packaging which is mainly used to make food cans, mainly including cans, cans and food boxes and packaging sealed bags. To pull the ring, for example, the current aluminum can be divided into three categories: Coated Aluminum Coil the first category for the eight pudding, beer; the second category for the beverage; Coated Aluminum Coil the third category for the dry powder. Which for the eight pudding and beer the largest, the highest capacity, the market demand is also the largest. For dry powder and easy to pull the lid and pull the lowest material, the market demand is also minimal.

Each industry has its own life cycle, painted aluminum is no exception. The introduction of painted aluminum is in the early 1990s. At that time mainly rely on foreign imports, the price of the product is very high. Growth period is: after 2000, with the continuous progress of technology, Coated Aluminum Coil quality and constantly improve. Because as color steel, in a slow growth period. 2008 financial crisis, after 2010, gradually become mature.

The future of color coated aluminum in the direction of technology research and development is to achieve the production of more than 2mm color coated aluminum; Coated Aluminum Coil with high-quality paint production technology and production base; equipment as much as possible to reach more than 20,000 tons of high-capacity units gradually increased, improve our high-end Color coated aluminum market share; adjust the layout of color coated aluminum, Coated Aluminum Coil making the southwest, northwest and other remote areas can also have the local color coated aluminum production line to meet the different needs of different regions.