Embossed Aluminum Coil Common Quality Defects

Embossed Aluminum Coil Aluminum coil is a casting mill after calendering, bending angle processing, for the flying shear metal products. Aluminum coil widely used in electronics, Embossed Aluminum Coil packaging, construction, machinery and other aspects, China's aluminum coil production enterprises more, production technology has caught up with the developed countries. But in the manufacture of aluminum coil will inevitably encounter some quality defects, then, aluminum coil common quality defects?

Aluminium coil

1, the composite layer falls off: The composite cladding aluminum layer leaves the substrate and falls off the irregular defects formed.

2, Embossing: Because of the strip wrinkle, Embossed Aluminum Coil broken belt and so on causes the roller surface irregular chromatic aberration in the rolling process periodically printed to the surface of the strip color phenomenon.

3, waves: plates and strips due to uneven deformation of the formation of various types of uneven phenomena collectively. Plates, bands produced by the Waves called Embossed Aluminum Coil the edge of the wave, the middle generation of waves called intermediate waves, between the middle and the side of the middle and not on both sides of the waves called two-ribbed waves, small size and usually circular waves called broken waves.

4, warping: After rolling or shearing, Embossed Aluminum Coil the edge of the strip is raised.

5, lateral bending: the longitudinal side of the plate and the strip is rendered to a curved non-straight state.

6, collapse Volume: The coil core is seriously deformed, the coil is not round.

7, the wrong layer: Strip end layer and layer between irregular dislocation, resulting in the end of uneven surface.

8 ยข Tower Shape: With the volume layer and layer between the side of the movement to form a tower offset.

9, Loose coil: coiling, unwinding when Embossed Aluminum Coil the layer and layer between the loose, serious when the whole volume.

10. Bird's Nest: a local "V" defect is produced on the side of the coil. This defect is produced during or after the unwinding of a volume coiling, some of which are pending after a period of time.

The alloy grades of commonly used aluminium Embossed Aluminum Coil belts are 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5005, 5052, 8011, etc. Common states have O-State and H-state, etc. o denotes a soft state, h denotes a hard state. O and H can be followed by a number to denote soft and hard degrees, and annealing degrees.

The main purpose of aluminum belt is: Transformer aluminum strip (aluminum foil), high-frequency welding hollow aluminum strip aluminum strip, fin radiator with aluminum strip, cable with aluminum strip, stamping with aluminum strip, aluminum strips and so on.

Aluminum plate is the thickness above 0.2mm to Embossed Aluminum Coil 500mm below, 200mm width above, the length of the aluminum within 16m is referred to as aluminum sheet or aluminum sheet, 0.2mm below for aluminum, 200mm width within the row or strip (of course, with the progress of large equipment, the widest possible to make 600mm of the platoon is also more). Aluminum plate refers to the aluminum ingot rolling processing of rectangular plates, divided into pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, aluminum plate pattern of thick aluminum plate

TREAD Aluminum plate

1, five bars aluminum alloy pattern Plate: Five bars ANTI-SKID aluminum plate also become the willow pattern plate, aluminum alloy pattern plate. Has a good anti-slip ability, and is widely used in building (flooring) platform design and so on. Because the surface of the aluminum plate pattern is in accordance with the five-convex pattern of the relative parallel alignment, and each pattern and other patterns between 60-80 degrees of the angle, so this pattern has excellent anti-skid performance. The domestic use of this kind of aluminum plate is usually used as anti-skid, with good anti-slip effect and cheaper price.

2, compass aluminum alloy pattern Plate: anti-slip aluminum Embossed Aluminum Coil plate, and five bars play the same effect, but not often applied.

3, Orange peel aluminum alloy pattern plate divides into: Classic orange peel pattern aluminum plate, the variation orange peel Pattern aluminum plate (also known as the insect pattern). Its surface is similar to the orange peel pattern, so can be called the orange peel Pattern aluminum plate. is a refrigerator, air-conditioning and packaging commonly used pattern series products.

4, lentil pattern aluminum plate is a common type of anti-skid aluminum plate, has a good anti-slip effect, mainly used in carriages, platforms anti-skid, cold storage floor anti-skid, floor anti-skid workshop, elevator anti-skid aspects.

5, spherical pattern aluminum plate can also be called semicircle spherical pattern aluminum plate, surface rendering a small spherical pattern, like a small pearl, so this aluminum plate can become pearl pattern aluminum plate. Mainly used in external packaging. The appearance is more beautiful, because of the special pattern, the strength of the aluminum plate is much higher than the other pattern series.

6, other aluminum plate pattern: wavy pattern material, water corrugated aluminum pattern plate, corrugated aluminum plate (can become aluminum tile), rattan pattern aluminum plate, three-dimensional triangular aluminum pattern plates, strip pattern aluminum plate, cobblestone aluminum pattern plates, aluminum pattern plates, triangular strip pattern aluminum plate, butterfly pattern aluminum plate.

7, Rhombus aluminum alloy pattern PLATE: Packaging pipe or external packaging commonly used.