Embossed Aluminum Coil Widely Used

Embossed Aluminum Coil Aluminum roll is the rolling mill after rolling, pull the corner after processing, for the flying shear of the metal products. Aluminum roll widely used in electronics, Embossed Aluminum Coil packaging, construction, machinery, etc., China's aluminum production enterprises more, the production process has caught up with developed countries. But in the manufacture of aluminum roll will inevitably encounter some quality defects, Embossed Aluminum Coil then, aluminum quality common quality defects what?

Aluminum plate roll

1, composite layer off: composite material aluminum layer leaving the substrate and fall off the formation of irregular defects.

2, embossing: due to strip wrinkles, broken belt and other reasons lead to roller roll irregular color in the rolling process is periodically printed on the strip surface color phenomenon.

3, wave: plate, strip due to uneven deformation of the formation of a variety of different phenomena of the general term. The waves produced by the edges are called edge waves. Embossed Aluminum Coil The waves in the middle are called intermediate waves. The waves between the middle and the sides are neither in the middle nor on both sides. They are called two ribs. They are smaller and usually The waves are called round waves.

4, Alice: After rolling or cutting, Embossed Aluminum Coil the edge of the strip tilt.

5, the side of the bend: the longitudinal side of the band, showing a side of the non-flat state of bending.

6, collapse volume: core deformation, volume is not round.

7, the wrong layer: strip surface layer and the layer between the irregular movement, resulting in uneven face.

8, tower shape: between the coil and the layer to the side of the movement to form a tower shift.

9, loose volume: coiling, Embossed Aluminum Coil open-book layer and the layer between the loose, serious spread to the whole volume.

10, bird's nest: the end of the roll with a local "V" type defects. This defect occurs in the process of winding or unwinding, and some are to be placed for a period of time.

Enterprise technical requirements:

1. Special coating roller coating application (thermal insulation coating, fire retardant coating, super-hard paint, antibacterial coatings, water-based paint, etc.)

2. Aluminum environmental protection pre-treatment technology (aluminum chromium-free passivation technology, etc.)

3. Extrusion-type fire-resistant material technology (to meet the A-level fire protection requirements)