Embossed Aluminum Coil Widely Used

Aluminum plate aluminum plate Embossed Aluminum Coil aluminum plate aluminum plate aluminum plate aluminum plate aluminum plate aluminum plate plate aluminum plate plate aluminum plate roadway plate nameplate aluminum plate pure aluminum plate ship dedicated aluminum plate train high iron aluminum plate profile

B. Aluminum Coil Aluminum Coil Aluminum Coil Aluminum Coil Aluminum Coil

C. Pattern aluminum plate embossed aluminum roll aluminum pattern plate five ribs pattern aluminum plate / pointer pattern pattern aluminum plate / Embossed Aluminum Coil orange (orange) pattern pattern aluminum plate roll / diamond pattern aluminum plate / lenticular pattern aluminum plate / semi-round pattern aluminum plate / diamond pattern gem Pattern aluminum plate

D. Aluminum skin insulation aluminum foil wrapped pipe aluminum

E. Color coated aluminum plate color coated aluminum roll polyester color coated aluminum plate aluminum roll fluorocarbon color coated aluminum plate color plate color plate

F. Various types of insulation aluminum-pressure aluminum plate

G. Aluminum tape Transformer Aluminum tape Aluminum plastic tube Aluminum tape Air conditioning radiator Aluminum tape Insulating glass strip Aluminum Embossed Aluminum Coil tape Capacitor Aluminum tape Cable coated aluminum tape

H. Aluminum foil household aluminum foil food aluminum foil air conditioning foil aluminum foil.Embossed Aluminum Coil  Forged aluminum alloy large diameter aluminum ring.

Aluminum foil is widely used in heat transfer, packaging, Embossed Aluminum Coil electronic appliances, construction, home and other fields according to the use can be divided into many kinds, Embossed Aluminum Coil such as household aluminum foil, aluminum foil containers, electronic foil, etc., which is electronic foil foil. Electronic aluminum foil industry chain: aluminum ingots - high purity aluminum ingots - electronic foil - electrode foil - electrolytic capacitors. Electronic aluminum foil, also known as electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil, Embossed Aluminum Coil is used to make aluminum electrode used in electrolytic capacitors.

Electrolytic capacitors used in aluminum foil is a kind of corrosion in the polar conditions of the material, the aluminum foil has a higher organizational requirements, Embossed Aluminum Coil the aluminum foil is divided into three types: cathode foil, the thickness of 0.015mm ~ 0.06mm; high pressure foil, thickness For the 0.065mm ~ 0.1mm, aluminum foil with high purity aluminum production; low pressure foil, Embossed Aluminum Coil the thickness of 0.06mm ~ 0.1mm.

Five ribs non-slip aluminum plate, also known as willow-shaped pattern plate, aluminum alloy pattern plate has a good anti-skid function, which is widely used in building (floor) platform design and so on. As the aluminum plate surface pattern is in accordance with the five concave pattern in accordance with the relatively parallel arrangement, and each pattern and other patterns between the 60-80 degree angle, Embossed Aluminum Coil so this pattern has excellent anti-skid performance. Domestic use of such aluminum is usually used as anti-skid, with a good anti-skid effect, the price is cheaper.

Orange peel aluminum pattern plate is divided into the classic orange peel pattern aluminum plate and variation orange peel pattern aluminum (also known as insect pattern), Embossed Aluminum Coil the surface showing similar to the orange skin pattern, so it can be called orange peel pattern aluminum, insect pattern Aluminum, Embossed Aluminum Coil the pattern of aluminum is a refrigerator, Embossed Aluminum Coil air conditioning and packaging commonly used pattern products.

Spherical pattern aluminum sheet, also known as semi-spherical pattern aluminum sheet, the surface presents a small spherical pattern, like a small pearl, Embossed Aluminum Coil so this aluminum plate can be called pearl-shaped pattern aluminum sheet, the pattern of aluminum In the packaging, Embossed Aluminum Coil the appearance of more beautiful. Embossed Aluminum Coil Due to the special pattern, the strength of the aluminum plate is much higher than the other pattern series.